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Before you contact Technical Support, please consult the iValuation built-in Help. Select Help | Topics from the main menu of the iValuation program. In the event that you still need help, please send an email to iValuation Technical Support

At our discretion, technical support is supplied free of charge. Where problems are especially complex or have arisen due to user error or faulty equipment, we may levy a support charge. Any charges to be levied will be notified in advance.

We also provide a consultancy service for clubs that require in-depth assistance with their book-keeping and tax returns. Our current rate for consultancy and online support is 40.00/hour including VAT.

When sending an email, please include the following information with your initial query.

Free Utilities

size: 4.5Mb

iValuation Upgrade, Version 2.7 (21A4)

Download free upgrade to version 2.7 (21A4). Requires an existing iValuation installation.
Latest tax rules and new tax forms. Improved share reorganisation handling.
size: 866Kb

IClub to iValuation Data Import Utility

Use this program to transfer your club's accounts from IClub Manager to iValuation.
size: 548Kb

iValuation Diagnostics

Only use this utility at the request of iValuation support.

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