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John McCarthy, Mixed Bag Investment Club

Many thanks for your help, all now works and all historical data has been restored. Excellent tech support.


Mike Reynolds, Milverton Venture Investment Club

Thank you very much for your consideration of this problem. It is a great relief to me to have such excellent back up support.


Paul Bowen, Shareway To Heaven

Thanks for such a swift response - that seems to have done the trick. Brilliant support


Graham Holt, Yellow Dots Investment Club

Thanks (again) for your extremely swift and effective assistance.


Leslie Winter, Wintervest IC

Thank you very much for the information your support is excellent as always.


Christine, Scruton Investment Club

Thanks so much for your help, changing that file did the trick. The install is now complete and the data restore has also worked fine. Excellent support I must say!


Malcolm McCannah, DEMSK Investment Club

Thanks once again for all your invaluable help and support.


Tehzeeb Gunja, Phoenix Investment Club

As always, many thanks for your excellent support. I enjoy using your software as it is so stable and dependable. Thanks and keep up the good work! We are indebted to you for the excellent service you provide.


John Ransom, Jester Investors

Thank you very much, John. I will follow your advice, which is gratefully received, as always.


Ann Simpson, Nene Speculators Investment Club

Many thanks again. You have been very helpful.


Michael Short, R2R Investment club

Many, many thanks for your assistance. It has been a pleasure dealing with you.


Alistair Shadlock, Astrow Investment Club

Brilliant. Thanks for all your help.


Bill Glasper, Wise Old Heads Investment Club

We have been running ivaluation and its predecessor COW2000 for the last 10 years. Many thanks - your brilliant software saves me so much time.


Pamela Sheard, XTC investment club

Ivaluation continues to be a good system and makes the end of the tax year much easier for me so thanks again.


Jim Young, Inglewood Investment Club

Your quick resonse and advice is much appreciated.


Patricia Alston, Westminster Investment Club

Once again thank you very much for all you have done to keep our investment club on the rails.


Dennis Elliott, The Bayview Bluffers Investment Club

I am glad to say our Treasurer & I got approval to upgrade to the iValuation program and everything has downloaded very smoothly. At first glance we recognize some extremely helpful additions to what we have been use to with Cow2000 for the past nine years. Might I take this opportunity to tell you how invaluable we, as officials of the club, have found the program over the years.


Margret MacPhail, Discovery Investors

I am treasurer of Discovery Investors and we have been using your software for 5 years now. It is very useful by the way!


Adrian Conley, Grey Panthers Investment Club

We have been using i-valuation for the past year and are really impressed, not only with the simplicity and ease of use of this software, but also the customer service which has been excellent.


John Thomas, Luddite Investment Club

At our recent monthly meeting the members present asked me to email iValuation to say how pleased we are with your software. It makes accounting so easy and we have not had a technical problem since we started using COW2000 just short of 10 years ago.


David Crowe, Mayday Investment Club

We've been using iValuation and COW2000 since our club's inception over 8 years ago and are very satisfied with the product and the support you have give us whenever we've needed it.


Ian Clarke, Dore & Totley Investment Club

Just thought I'd let you know that I've had to use the new consolidation facility that became available in the latest update. It's brilliant!, many thanks.


Keith Kerr, Two Piers, Skruffies and ToyBoyz Investment Clubs

I have started using the upgrade already and it is fantastic. You are certainly making my life easier. So, I send you a big "Thank you".


Dave Richard, Goth Investment Club

We went for Ivaluation. From my point of view it was money very well spent. I have no complaints with the software and the time saved has been worth every penny.

I used to dread when I had to work out the figures for the tax return. That task only takes a few minutes now and similarly your monthly update can be completed in only a few minutes too and can be forwarded to members by E mail in pdf form


Chris Bigmore, MBI Investment Club

Thank you for your prompt and informative response. It is very refreshing to speak to someone that knows what they are talking about and can fix a relatively rare and complex problem. All too often support people are too keen to pass the buck, but not in this case.

Thanks and regards, Chris Bigmore BSc CEng MBCS CITP, Former IT Consultant and Software Engineer


John Ransom, Jester Investors

As ever, many thanks for your help. I have edited the entries accordingly, and will send you a diagnostic of the update. I'm always very impressed by the depth of your knowledge of the machinations of the internal revenue.


Don Preston, Olicana Investment Club

You certainly provide a super service for which I am extremely grateful. Once again I will follow your very clear instructions and see what I make of it.


David Robson, Telston Investment Club

Many thanks for all your help. I have been treasurer for several years and not needed to ask for support in all that time until now. That says a lot for the software, it has been fabulous.


Bob Troake, GLASTOP Investment Club

After 7 years with Cow 2000 I downloaded your program for the trial period but had no hesitation in purchasing it as the transfer of our data could not have been easier. At 30 it is great value.


Adrian Bigland, Pickers Investment Club

I am currently using the Free trial version of iValuation and have successfully imported the data from COW2000. The software works well with some nice features not present on COW and as a club we will be purchasing iValuation ASAP.


Barrie Sharrock, Lions Share Investment Club

I must say that I was most impressed with the ease of transfer from Cow2000 and also the easy to use tax module. Well done, I say!!.


Alan Rix, Crown Cycling Circle Investment Club

Having found iValuation following a chance meeting at a dinner in London with a guest who happened to be treasurer of another club, I can only say what an excellent dinner it turned out. Software is excellent & user friendly. Support has been exemplorary. Tax submission this year was a dream compared to spreadsheets & quill pen. A must have for any investment club.


Alan Gould, Wolds Investment Club

The program is ideally suited for the beginner calculating both the value of member's units and working out the complex details for the member's Tax Returns. Most important of all and I cannot recommend this highly enough, is the fantastic on line support on offer. Changing computers really made life difficult but the prompt and helpful support was constantly there until all my problems had been solved. Thank you.


Matthew Macdonald, Brunswick Investment Club

I have already transferred all existing data from Brunswick Investment Club into the program and I am finding everything so easy to use. I have no doubt the other members will be impressed at the next meeting. The previous Treasurer worked for 30 years with pen and paper and an old typewriter! I inherited a briefcase bulging with handwritten portfolio valuations etc. going back years. With iValuation the Treasurer's job should be a piece of cake.

Incidentally Brunswick Investment Club has been going since May 1960. I believe we may be the longest running investment club in the UK. The Daily Telegraph could not find an older one.


Paul Hargreaves, North Lakes Investment Club

Pleased to report that the import utility from IClub worked very well with data transferred correctly. Carried out unit valuation on both systems which agreed so hopefully we shall now be OK incl tax forms after 5th April for 06/07. Thanks for your help.


Ken Hughes, Coopers Investment Club

The Tax utility is an absolute gem, I might even look forward with delight to April 5th!!


Michael Bretherton, Marchers Investment Club

May I say that I am delighted to be back from IClubManager and very pleased that you now have the Tax Utility. May I also say how superior your software is and how much I have missed it over the last few years.


Tony Lorkin, Plutus Investment Club

Very many thanks for your recent help and advice. How nice to be back. Down-load was perfect and transfer from iClub went without a hitch.


David Crerar, F3 Investment Club

Just wanted to thank you for the help in solving my problem. Followed your advice and all works OK now. Many thanks for speedy service.


John Leggett, Serious About Our Money IC

Support is unbelievably helpful.


John Kingsley-Pallant, Navigators Investment Club

Having completed all the Tax forms for our members, I would like to say how pleased I am with the Tax Utility. This is a great advance!


Brigid Battiscombe, Westminster Investment Club

I understand the new tax utility and am busily getting tax details from members. What a wonderful bit of software it all is. I am a MUCH happier Hon Treas. than I was a few days ago! Thank you very much for your speedy and great help.


Chris Howell, Swallow Investment Team

Just to say how fantastic the tax printer is. Terrific and thanks for being so perceptive in producing this. Thanks again.


Peter Plant, Marilyn Investment Club

Over the last two years, as treasurer of The Marilyn Investment Club, I have been grateful for the courteous, prompt, efficient and effective responses I have received to each of my challenges! I'd hate to think what kind of state the accounts would now be in without your shoulder to lean on.


Keith Kerr, Two Piers Investment Club

Fantastic. It demonstrates that Software Exception has a thorough understanding of investment clubs and their legal responsibilities. Simple and straightforward to use and it does what it says on the tin. Well done and hearty congratulations.


Nigel Murgatroyd, OBCC Investment Club

I have nothing but praises for your program - it saves me hours and makes 'doing the books' every month a pleasure. I received the info and downloaded the installation program. It worked and we are now back up and runnining. Thank you so much. If you are up this way on a Saturday or Sunday in the summer, I would love to buy you a drink at the Old Basing CC club bar.


James Curtis, Falcon Share Club

Thank you for the prompt and efficient service. It's a shame more providers aren't as co-operative and attentive.


Malcolm McCannah, DEMSK Investment Club

The program is an excellent simple piece of accounting software for investment clubs.


Alan Keys, Lewes Martlets Investment Club

.. I am hugely impressed with the support and you can quote me to other customers. You have been quick, conscientious, first class with the information and friendly. What more could one ask?


Mark Goodson, author of "The Motley Fool's Guide To Investment Clubs"

... the purchase of the program has proved to be one of our best investments. Why? Well, as Treasurer, it would have been my job to have calculated all the unit values every month as well as calculating the selling back to the club of the departing members units. I have a day job! This takes time I can ill afford! No -- let the computer take the strain and the procedure for paying off a departing member is really simple. You can even sell units back at a unit price different to the current months value. Really easy.


Colin Jacobs

.. let me say what a great piece of software this is, easy to use with clear reports.